Interest Rate Product Information

While we continue to maintain competitive Interest Rates, attempting to publish a daily table of the most competitive rates is virtually impossible due to the constant market changes. We therefore provide the latest considered most attractive interest Rates.


MARS Finance® is able to offer a more competitive interest rate

offering access to volume discounts and dealing direct with the Banks and Lending Institutions.

What is the best term of a loan to consider? Usually the shorter the term the lower the interest rate (Fixed Rates are an example). However there is more than just interest rates to consider. What about the term - the length of time of the mortgage? Requesting discounts - waiver of fees? What about the amortization - how fast the mortgage is paid off? The term and amortization don’t have to be the same and this is why you are able to save thousands of dollars. What other special features do you want such as prepayment privileges? Do you need mortgage insurance?

In considering all the above, they relate to The Service You Deserve. A major consideration should be knowing that a particular person will always be available at any time to service your needs and provide ongoing management of your finance. MARS Finance® provides this service at no cost at any time to their clients. 

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