MARS Finance® Pty. Ltd was established through successful development of a wide range of financial Credit services. The company offers Personal, Residential/Investment, Mortgage Finance Loans, Business Loans and Commercial/Corporate Finance, all with an ongoing Mortgage and Finance Management Service. Together with these financial services.

Since 1995 our Company secured it’s position in providing professional financial services and has over 35 years experience in the Banking and Financial sector.

Since our establishment we have been successful in establishing and maintaining referral sources and supporting associated client bases. We are a well-respected Originator and Finance Broker amongst the financial fraternity and are accredited with the majority of the Banks and Financial Institutions seeking the appropriate financial solution considered right for our clients whilst maintaining consistency and low rates acceptable for our clients' needs both in the short and long term.

The objective of MARS Finance® Pty Ltd is to source quality lending proposals whilst maintaining a professional and friendly service, with ongoing management support to our new and existing clients. The Company places particular emphasis on quality lending and with our vast experience and expertise in the financial area, continues to grow for the benefit of its clients, new and existing.

In addition to our Credit Finance Services we offer through our associated company, Financial Planning.